Why Participate in the Trade Mission?

International trade isn’t simply about the importing or exporting of products (or services). Transactions cannot happen without trust, and trade missions are an important conduit to build and facilitate relationships between decision-makers who would otherwise not get the chance to meet.

Participating in the Trade Mission to Europe, as part of the Go Global Awards, is a great opportunity to showcase your organization, to learn about new innovations globally, to access new avenues to do business; and meet new suppliers, buyers and investors.

THERE IS NO CHARGE TO PARTICIPATE however attendees will be required to pay for their own travel and accommodation.


The purpose of the Trade Mission to Europe is to provide you unique access to decision-makers and business executives from across the world, 500+ . By participating, your organization can save valuable time and resources by maximizing contact with prospective distributors, sales representatives, suppliers, investors, or partners.


Participating in this trade mission allows participating companies to meet with senior level officials from government ministries, economic development organizations and investment promotion agencies from across the globe, including officials who work in relevant industry ministries.


Meeting new people = new opportunities to sell. The Trade Mission to Europe brings together 500+ executives from across the globe to do business. Not only can you talk business and build relationships that position you to win business from connections on the trade mission, you also meet other suppliers and contacts.


Showing up and creating a base for relationships by participating in interesting conversations is a powerful way to promote your organization in the minds of prospective buyers, suppliers, investors and partners in international markets.

Some of the best champions can be other trade mission participants who can introduce and sell the benefits of each other’s businesses. Watching this in action is remarkable, as we often we have a difficult time sharing our own value propositions. An introduction by someone else creates a new story for us to tell with confidence. Listening to someone else describe us can be an excellent way to refine our message and attract potential business opportunities.


Being given access in real-time, and from the source, is one of the most beneficial components of participating in the Trade Mission. Having the chance to experience the environment built around the key trade areas brings another perspective. It gives the opportunity to re-think and, if needed, adjust or improve already existing strategies for further development. In addition, gathering examples of good practice and exchanging knowledge is an efficient mechanism for polishing up the potential gaps and widening the reach of impact for the future actions of the company.


There are plenty of networking opportunities with decision-makers, relevant experts, and key figures from the respective areas of the companies involved. You can participate in B2B meetings, round-tables and tailor-made workshops. All these activities are focused on providing networking opportunities for those interested in elevating their businesses and opening them up to new challenges.


By participating in the trade mission you don’t need to worry about trying to book meetings and map how to travel across multiple cities and countries to attend events and meet with potential partners. Instead, you can focus on preparing your best pitch for the meetings and events held during the Trade Mission and focus on creating the most beneficial connections.

Snapshot of Estonia:

Trade Mission to Estonia - International Trade Council

Located in Northern Europe, Estonia borders the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland and covers an area of 45,227 square kilometres with 1.3 million inhabitants (2017). Situated on the north-eastern edge of the Baltic Sea, Estonia borders Latvia to the south and the Russian Federation to the east.

Capital City: Tallinn (pop. 398 500)

Other Cities:

  • Tartu (101 190)
  • Narva (67 752)
  • Kohtla-Jarve (46 765)
  • Parnu (44 781)
  • Viljandi (20 509)


In 2019, the top exports of Estonia were machinery, electronics and communication equipment (€3.41B), refined petroleum products (€1.69B), wood and wood products (€1.51B), information and communication (€1.16B), furniture and furniture accessories (€1.12B) and cars (€1.04B).

Export Destinations

In 2019, the top export destinations of Estonia were Finland (€2.34B), Sweden (€1.51B), Latvia (€1.31B), United States of America (€974M), and Germany (€907M).


In 2019, the top imports to Estonia were machinery, electronics and communication equipment (€3.66B) refined petroleum products (€2.04B), cars (€1.83B), oils and other products of coal tar (€1.44B), food products (€879M), and plastic products (€851M).

Import Origins

In 2019, the top countries of consignment for imports were Finland (€2.04B), Lithuania (€1.65B), Germany (€1.64B), Sweden (€1.51B), and Russian Federation (€1.31B).

Why Estonia?


  • A European Union Member Nation located at the cross-roads of the Nordic and Baltic regions with a market of 177 million persons located at its doorstep.


  • Direct access to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Germany. (An average of 2.5 hours flight time the rest of Europe).


  • A reliable and stable financial system thanks to transparent government policy and regulations.


  • Companies registered in Estonia do not have to pay income tax for re-invested profits.


  • Estonia is also among the top 20 countries in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business.


  • Foreign and domestic investments in Estonia are treated equally under the law.


  • Public services are simple, efficient and almost everything can be conducted online.


  • Europe’s number 1 most entrepreneurial country with over 1000 startups.


  • Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency – a transnational digital identity available to anyone in the world interested in administering a location-independent business online.


  • Estonia has an extremely attractive and low-cost start-up visa program with routes to permanent residency for new startup investors and their families.


  • Estonia is perfectly situated for trade between Russia, Asia and Europe.


  • Startups raised €267m in 2019 and after the US and Israel, Estonia is the #3 destination for venture funding in the world. (Per capita. The king of all comparisons.)
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